Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peajai's Plus-Size Fashion Picks: The Greatest Scarf Ever Made

The Unisex Circle Scarf,

I know my pick is controversial given the American Apparel's alleged "nice hair" hiring policies and discrimination against plus-size customers. But this is the greatest scarf ever made. How can you not love an item of clothing that can be worn 13 different ways? This is my only purchase from American Apparel to date, but it is exactly what I have been looking for in winter head gear.

I have this scarf in black and I wear it in the doubled scarf with hood style. It is made of a soft, stretchy material with no tags or seams. The material is thin, but once doubled it has kept my neck, ears and head warm even in this frigid 10 degree weather! There was plenty of room to accommodate my big head and my curly fros, pin-backs and buns. This scarf is cut so big, that even I could wear it as a shawl or a top (a mini though? I don't think so.)

If your disdain for American Apparel's sketchy policies cannot be overcome, try one of the many attractive options on Etsy.

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  1. I just bought one of these last week at DSW when I couldnt find an old-fashioned hooded scarf. Its a knock off, so didnt realize it could be worn so many different ways. Thanks for the post. Julie B